Back to School Night

Back to School Night is September 12, 2019 and one of the best ways to begin building that all important home-school connection. You’ll be able to meet Lindstrom’s teachers, Principal, PTA president and of course fellow parents.

Back to School Night is typically held during the third week of school in the fall. The evening begins at 6:00 pm with a staff introduction and brief PTA meeting in the cafeteria auditorium. Then you’re free to attend a class presentation with your child’s teacher(s). There are two class presentations scheduled (6:25 pm and 7:00 pm) to accommodate parents/guardians with multiple children. You do not have to attend both presentations as the same information is given each time.

Many teachers will have you sit in your child’s seat. It makes it easier for them to keep track of which child goes with which parent — especially since a parent may not share the same last name as her child. Plus, you get the opportunity to see the world of the classroom as your child does every day.

Once you’ve gathered, your child’s teacher will introduce themselves — this may already be written on the blackboard when you get there so the teacher can dive right into the meat of things. The lengthiest part of the evening will be the class presentation where your child’s teacher will go into detail about the students’ schedules, classroom rules, and goals for the year.

At this point, the teacher will likely stop and take any questions you have about the classroom. Now’s your chance to ask general questions and to clarify anything you find confusing. This is not a time to discuss your child’s individual needs or progress — save that for parent/teacher conferences when the teacher knows your child better and can talk with you one-on-one.

Be sure to stop by the PTA information table! Parent involvement in schools helps students achieve more. Joining the PTA is a great way to have a voice in school issues and decisions.

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